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You’re more likely to pick up a bacterial infection from a luxury hotel

If you work in a hotel you’re going to be shocked by the results of a recent study which found you’re more likely to pick up a bacterial infection from a luxury hotel than a budget one.

As part of the study, Travelmath tested hotel guest rooms at a range of three, four and five-star hotels in the US for bacteria. They took swabs from various objects including bathroom counters, desks, telephones and remote controls to test.

You would have expected the high-end hotels who pride themselves on extra services, extra amenities and extra luxuries to be cleaner than budget hotels but shockingly it’s the other way around. Out of the objects tested it was found that remote controls in five-star hotels had a higher bacteria count and the dirtiest bathroom counters and desks were found in the four-star hotels. It was only the telephones in the three-star hotels that were found to be dirtier than those in the higher end hotels.

The results have come as a bit of a shock and while it’s unclear why this is the case there are some theories. The authors of the study suggested that the extra features you usually find in four and five-star hotels could be adding to a cleaning challenge for housekeeping staff.

Any hotel would benefit from our disinfection process which would essentially give you an advantage over your competitors based on your high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Looks are deceiving. Bacteria aren’t visible to the eye so even if your guest rooms look spotless the chances are they’re not as clean as they seem. Don’t believe us? Well, take the Sanondaf challenge and find out for yourself.

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