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What you May not know about Catching a Cold

We thought that we would give you the scoop on what you may not know about catching the cold – as Sanondaf can help prevent it!

It’s that time of year when it seems that everyone is coming down with a cold! There are so many winter flu viruses running around it seems impossible that you can avoid it. There’s definitely a few things that we can think of up our sleeves!

Do you have an office Christmas party planned? Well apart from ensuring that your workspace has been visited by Sanondaf to kill germs and bacteria, you can also make sure you aren’t leaning in too far to hear what your colleagues are saying over loud music or dancing too close together. It also might be a good idea to keep the office smooching to a minimum with all of that mistletoe that is flying around. Also, we know it’s Christmas – but it’s important to point out that alcohol is not a killer of germs – so don’t think because you have had a Prosecco or two (or even a hot toddy) that you are immune to catching a cold.

The common misconception about the flu is that it’s seasonal which it isn’t. They are fast travellers and can catch you unexpectedly. It’s true that once you have it – there’s no real cure, you kind of just have to ride it out – but you can take preventative measures.

Sanondaf’s mission is to ensure that you can work hard and pay hard in a safe environment so that any risks of infection are minimised and that there is no cross-contamination. Thankfully all of our technicians are fully trained and can make sure that your office isn’t a place where lots of germs can be spread – nobody wants the cold or flu around Christmas time. Make sure your office has been Sanondaf’d – to make sure you are up to all of the festivities this Christmas.

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