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UK Creates a Global Infection Response Team

The UK has created a team of health experts that will specialise in disease outbreak and can be deployed anywhere around the globe within 48 hours of a viral infection breaking out. The overarching aim is to respond to viruses such as Ebola before they spread too far. The selected individuals will originate from a range of professions and will include academics, scientists and clinicians.

The project will be given £20 million in funds from the government over a period of 5 years. The team will focus on assessing future disease threats as well as training colleagues from home and abroad. While this news is encouraging for the handling of an outbreak, we want to promote prevention as a means of avoiding this situation altogether.

Sanondaf is the key to ensuring that there is no risk of a viral infection spreading. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and will put your average commercial cleaning service to shame with most of these services not being nearly enough to kill all bacteria in an area.

The key to avoiding an outbreak is to watch for infection symptoms in your home or workplace. Spotting these symptoms before they spread can be the essential factor in preventing a viral infection outbreak. Sanondaf can kill the bacteria in these areas to minimise the chance of a viral outbreak.

While the global infection response team will no doubt prove its use in the months and years to come, if you can focus on keeping your workplace and home in tip-top hygienic condition, then the chances of this team making an appearance in your area will be slim to none.

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