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Sanondaf Reading exhibited at the Berkshire Care Conference 2017



Sanondaf Reading exhibited at the Berkshire Care Conference 2017 on 18th October. The interest in our touch-less disinfection processes was higher than ever as the global awareness of the necessity of increased hygiene levels continues to hit the headlines on a daily basis; from the imminent Flu Season, to Norovirus outbreaks and even worse. Many visitors were impressed by the minimal disruption times, and fact that our process can be used on all hard and soft furnishings, floors, ceilings and walls, including the air in any room or setting. Soft furnishings were discussed on many occasions, regarding how difficult and nigh on impossible they are to disinfect and how they harbour odours. As our process kills all viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi, any area treated will be left fresh, and most residual odours removed. In care facilities, our Service will ensure the highest levels of hygiene, creating a more healthy environment for both residents, and the staff who care for them.


Congratulations to Linda & Elaine from Cleve Lodge, Goring on Thames who were the winners of our conference competition!

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