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Sanondaf Banishes Winter Flu at French Duncan

The leading Scottish accountancy firm French Duncan recently trialled Sanondaf’s germ eradication services in a bid to banish the winter flu and other such bugs that spread through the office like wildfire at this time of year. They were so impressed with what they saw that they have decided to use us across all their offices on a regular basis.

French Duncan heard about us through the Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards 2015 when we were awarded Best New Business of the Year. After the awards ceremony, they got in touch to find out more about what we do so one of our technicians went down to their office and spoke to them about our product and process. He told them that our product will eradicate 99.9% of office germs which French Duncan thought was a bold claim to make so they invited us back to prove it.

We went back to the office and took a swap sample of selected areas which we then used Sanochem on with our fogging and spraying machines. French Duncan was really pleased with the results. One of their concerns was dampness but within a few hours, all their furniture and equipment was dry and ready to use.

After the treatment, we took further swabs and the before and after picture is astonishing. It’s safe to say that we fulfilled our promise. We sent over a report to French Duncan and they were a bit shocked that the first swabs showed quite a lot of bacteria, but we reassured them that this was normal levels for an office environment. Anyway, 99.9% of that bacteria has now been eradicated so they have nothing to worry about. With less germs being spread around the office there shouldn’t be as many people coming down with the winter flu this year.

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