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RSV Virus Outbreak at Beatson Cancer Centre Results in Patient Death

A man receiving treatment at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre has died and fourteen other patients have tested positive for a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).  Doctors have urged visitors who are suffering from colds and flu-like symptoms to stay away from the centre in order to prevent this virus from spreading further.  The RSV virus is a viral illness, which presents cold-like symptoms and is particularly prevalent at this time of year.  Whilst it is most common in younger children, it can occur in people of all ages.  The virus is spread by sneezing or touching surfaces with the virus on it.

In-patients who are receiving treatment at the Beatson are highly susceptible to these types of respiratory viruses and patients have previously contracted this virus and subsequently died. The other patients are said to be recovering on two wards at the centre and four have already been discharged.

The centre has requested for visitors experiencing any type of cold or flu-like symptoms to avoid visiting any friends or family receiving treatment at the Beatson until after a 48 hour period of the symptoms ending.  The centre has implemented a string of infection control measures to help prevent the spread of this virus.  Temporary visiting hours are now in effect and all visitors are being reminded of the importance of hand hygiene when visiting patients.  Visitors should remember to wash their hands when entering and leaving the centre with the antibacterial gel provided, in order to minimise the risk of the virus spreading.

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