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Rodent Infestations on the High Street

It hasn’t been a good week for everyone’s favourite bargain shop Poundland, as the popular firm has pleaded guilty to food hygiene offences and faces, even more, accusations about a second store after shoppers complained of a rodent infestation. Thankfully for us, this case happened down in Birmingham while we are safely based in Glasgow, phew. No-one wants to be fighting off rats and mice, even if it is to get a cheap bargain!

The huge discount chain store has been accused of rodent infestations in two Birmingham stores, coincidentally, both of which are actually on the same street. While the firm has already pleaded guilty to a number of food safety and hygiene regulation breaches at one store, the other store has not had any action taken against it, well, yet!

The city council health officers carried out the check after receiving complaints in February of last year, and Poundland has now been issued with a prohibition notice, while the food was also removed from the shelves over the course of the weekend.

While Poundland has unsuccessfully tried to cover up their rodent infestation by blaming the pulling off food from the shelves on nearby roadworks, the company have no taken responsibility by issuing a statement that their primary concern is the health and wellbeing of their customers. Although we doubt many customers will be returning there, for cheap food or anti-bac!

While they say all PR is good PR, we’re pretty positive that no business wants to be associated with unhygienic surroundings and rodent infestations. One of the best ways you can avoid this is by keeping your workplace as spic and span as you possibly can, and that’s where the team at Sanondaf can help!

Get in touch with us today on 01236 702028 to see how we can kill 99.99% of all hazardous viruses, bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms today.

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