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Restaurants with Low Food Hygiene Ratings Risking Survival

We all love to eat out, but do you ever check the hygiene rating of the restaurants you are planning on visiting? Sanondaf is guilty of not doing this too, but this new report suggests that we all definitely should be! The power is definitely with the people when it comes to restaurant hygiene, as this report also found that many of our favourite places to dine out at may be under threat of closure if they don’t pay closer attention to their restaurant cleanliness standards.

The food safety technology company Checkit recently conducted research showing that a massive 61% of people would boycott establishments that are lacking in hygiene ratings. With over 18,000 food establishments including takeaways, coffee shops, pubs, hotels, and restaurants, failing to reach adequate hygiene levels, this could become a huge problem for them. These establishments have been awarded a Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene Rating of two or less, and could therefore significantly improve on this and give consumers complete peace of mind when eating at, or from, their establishment.

Not surprisingly, London was found to have the highest number of food businesses at serious risk, with 5,092 falling short of adequate cleanliness standards. Not only that, Birmingham had the highest percentage of restaurants coming in at two stars or fewer, at 17%. This was followed by other English cities including Leicester at 14%, London at 14%, and Manchester at 11%. Shockingly, combining all of the figures showed that 7% of food establishments actually fell short of the public’s demanded hygiene standards.

With 64% of the public saying they would avoid takeaways with low hygiene standards, this is the industry at the most risk of closure as consumer’s choice to not eat there could be devastating for their profits. If you are worried about your business, however, give Sanondaf a call on 01236 702028 to kill 99.99% of bacteria living in your establishments.

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