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Prevent Noro Virus

Norovirus is also called the winter bug because it’s more common during the winter months but it’s still causing havoc up and down the country even though summer is nearly upon us. There has been a lot of cases of Noro Virus reported recently so we thought we would share our tips on how you can prevent this pesky bug:

1. Use Sanondaf – of course, this is going to be our number one tip! A regular Sanondaf treatment will ensure that there’s little to none viruses or bacteria lurking about your home or workplace.

2. Wash your hands especially after the toilet and before cooking. This might seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many people don’t wash their hands properly and some don’t even wash them at all. Gross!

3. If you fall ill with norovirus you should stay off work for 48 hours after the symptoms have passed. You should also put your clothes and bedding in the wash.

4. They say that you shouldn’t share towels but this is quite a difficult one if you share a house with your family and you all use the same bathroom. However, if you’re ill with norovirus we would say that you should use your own towel so you don’t spread the bug to anyone else.

5. Avoid eating raw and unwashed foods no matter how tempting those strawberries are. It’s also recommended that you only eat oysters from a reliable source because oysters can contain Norovirus.

With the bank holiday and summer coming up you don’t want to be in your bed sick so make sure you follow these tips especially number one. Our treatment is cost effective and very efficient so give us a call on 01236 702028 today.

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