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Playing Pokemon Go? Make Sure to Clean Your Phone!

Studies in the past have revealed the staggering amounts of germs found on the average user’s mobile phone. With the recent release of the global phenomenon Pokemon Go, players are required to have their phones in their hands more than usual due to the requirement to look at the screen while exploring the real world. All this increase in phone use has been giving us the fear here at Sanondaf so we have outlined some crucial pointers to help ensure your phone remains in sparkling hygienic and clean condition!

To put things in perspective a study in 2010 revealed that the typical mobile device carries 18 times more potentially harmful bacteria than your average flush handle found in a men’s toilet. The same study found that some mobile devices were so dirty that they had up to ten times the adequate level of TVC (total viable count) bacteria. With Pokemon Go fanatics trawling the streets with their phones in their hands it is imperative that they ensure they regularly check and clean their phones to help avoid the chance of a nasty stomach bug!

To clarify we are not stating that you need to clean your phone every single day, however, some simple steps such as a disinfectant wipe can go a long way to ensuring that your phone is in tip top shape when out hunting those elusive digital monsters! Many mobile users forget to take their phone case off so if you have not taken your phone out of its case in some time, then give it a try and you may be surprised by how much dirt has accumulated around the edges. A simple clean of the case also goes a long way to improving your devices overall hygiene!

If you would like some more detailed information on how you can protect your phone from nasty bugs sitting on work surfaces, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01236 702028 or drop us a message on our website where we would be happy to help you ensure your phone is as clean as a whistle!

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