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Norovirus Closes 2 Hospital Wards in Lanarkshire

Another day, another case of viral outbreaks that could have been easily prevented! This time, it is the Wishaw General Hospital, where they have been forced to close 2 wards over a suspected norovirus case.

Visitor restrictions have already been put into place at the Wishaw General Hospital in Lanarkshire as the wards 9 and 10 have been closed down to new admissions. Furthermore, family and friends of patients have been told not to visit over concerns about the spread of the virus, which many of you may know as the winter vomiting bug.
The norovirus is one of the most common stomach bugs found in the United Kingdom and it while it normally only lasts around 72 hours, it can cause severe vomiting and diarrhoea which is then easily spread to patients who are already ill will a weakened immune system.
While tests are underway to determine the cause of the infection, the hospital has not stated exactly what the infection prevention and control measures that are being taken to prevent the further spread of infection. In cases like this, disinfectant cleaning products from the supermarket or natural disinfectant items just simply aren’t enough!
One sure fire way to tackle this problem head on and completely rid wards 9 and 10 of the norovirus is to use a touchless disinfectant cleaner service like Sanondaf. Our product kills 99.99% of all hazardous bacteria, germs, and viruses and can eliminate this problem for Wishaw Hospital. Our products are completely safe to use within hospitals and will significantly help stop the spread of not only the norovirus, but also other germs which can be deadly to ill patients at this time of year, such as the flu.
Interested in giving Sanondaf a go? Our service can not only be used in hospitals but also gyms, veterinary surgeries, gyms, classrooms, offices, nurseries and many more places so there is no excuse to get caught out by the norovirus this winter! Call us today on 01236 702 028 or email info@sanondaf.co.uk for more details on how we can help you.


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