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The UK’s Biggest Cleaning Sins

When it comes to our homes, most of us tend to think we are pretty clean and respectable when it comes to keeping our homes dirt and germ free. However many of us are guilty of a few cleaning sins, as a recent study by Karcher shows.

They interviewed over 2,000 employed people in the UK, many of whom reported that they felt too busy to clean properly each week. Shockingly of those surveyed, a quarter had never cleaned their windows before.

Other cardinal cleaning sins that people routinely avoid include defrosting the freezer, cleaning the skirting boards and vacuuming the stairs. Many full time employees feel that they only have enough time to do a proper clean of their house once a month or less.

From the list, Britain’s top 5 cardinal sins include:

Food stains from splattering
Finger marks on mirrors
Toothpaste marks in the sink
Out of date food in the fridge
Leaving washing up in the sink
Other contenders include leaving hair in the plug hole, not wiping the kitchen hob and dog ot cat hair on the sofa. Most of us have been guilty of one or more of these things at some point, whether a one-off or more regular occurrence. However whilst it might be seemingly harmless to leave once, not cleaning your home properly on a regular basis leaves plenty of room for germs to breed. Sanondaf can help you eliminate germs and bacteria from your home, ensuring you can relax in a clean and comfortable home environment without worrying about picking up bugs and viruses. Our touchless disinfectant product comes in a special spray applicator which reaches all corners of your home with minimal time or effort required.

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