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Mobiles in Hospitals Present Virus Risk

This month we posted a blog on ‘How Clean Are Your Doctor’s Hands?’ (which if you have not already checked out, you can here), and it brought to light some very disturbing facts about health professional’s cleanliness within hospitals. Now, it has been found that health professional’s mobile phones are also pretty toxic, as they have been found to harbour an array of viruses that can cause upset stomachs and even lung infections!

This discovery was recently made in France and has seriously raised concerns about the hygiene standards within hospitals, and particularly those who are already vulnerable to disease, and children. This survey was carried out at the Saint-Etienne University Hospital, located in Saint-Priest-en-Jarez, France, and tested the mobile phones of 114 doctors and nurses who use their devices daily. Scientists took swabs of each of the phones and found using genetic analysis that 38.5% of the devices were contaminated with viruses.

39 out of 109 of the mobile phones were found to contain the rotavirus, which was by far the most common virus found on the devices, and can cause diarrhoea and vomiting. Furthermore, 3 of the phones were found to contain respiratory syncytial virus genetic material and also one contained metapneumovirus, which are both linked to causing lung infections and could be seriously detrimental to high-risk patients. A further study conducted amongst the hospital staff found that a massive one-fifth were guilty of not washing their hands after using phones, while hospital phones in paediatric departments were cleaned even less than phones on adult wards.

If you work within a health service environment and are concerned about the cleanliness of your surroundings and the well-being of your patients, we’re here to help! Give Sanondaf a call today on 01236 702028 to see how we can help you kill 99.99% of all hazardous viruses, bacteria, fungi, and any other micro-organism.

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