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Did You Know: High Bacteria Levels Found in Footwear and Socks

We know, we know, this is a little bit of a stinky subject but it’s one that pretty much affects us all! In the latest instalment of our Did You Know? We’re talking about the extremely high levels of bacteria on your footwear. That’s right you!

In a study released this week by microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona, Dr Charles Gerba, it was found that putting your machine washable shoes through just one cycle eliminated more than 90% of bacteria collected.

How much bacteria can really be there you ask? Well, the study found that the average number of bacteria on your shoe is a staggering 421,000 units on the outside and 2,887 on the inside. While this may not resonate too much with you, the following bacteria found in the shoes most certainly will such as Klebsiella pneumonia, a common source for wound and bloodstream infections, also, pneumonia;  Escherichia coli, which has been identified as causing intestinal and urinary tract infections, meningitis and diarrheal disease; and Serratia ficaria, an occasional cause of infections in the respiratory tract and wounds. Scary stuff, right?

54 pairs of socks were also collected from 2 hospitals and the results from the lab were shocking with MRSA, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci and E.faecium all found, indicating that these hospitals have a serious problem with extensive floor contamination of these organisms and need new hospital disinfectant products, which disinfectant suppliers, Sanondaf, could help with!

It’s worth noting also, that because the bottom of your shoe is filled with this horrible bacteria, it’s always a good idea to leave them at the door when coming home because no one wants to be standing on that bacteria in their bare feet!

Sanondaf is a disinfection company that can help you with this smelly problem. Give us a call today on 01236 702028, or email [email protected] for more details on the services we provide.

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