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Is your vet clinic clean enough?

If you’re a vet then you’ll know that there’s a risk of cross infection when there’s a number of sick animals coming in and out of your surgery every day. It’s important that you protect yourself, your staff and, of course, the animals and their owners.

A measure that you can take to minimise risks is to implement a rigorous disinfection regime. However, you should note that disinfection shouldn’t replace cleaning because the two complement each other. Disinfectant can’t kill micro-organisms if it can’t reach them so you need to make sure that soiled surfaces are thoroughly cleaned prior to disinfection.

Once you have disinfected your vet clinic it’s important to try and maintain the cleanliness. A part of this means that you should ensure that the correct procedure for hand hygiene is known to everyone in your practice. Hands should be washed at the start and end of each day as well as after each visit to the toilet, before and after you smoke or eat, when you’re visibly soiled, when you’re handling animal fluids and excretions and before aseptic and invasive procedures. Surveys have shown that people are usually aware of hand hygiene procedures but most of the time they fail to adhere to them so it’s a good idea to have hand sanitiser available for extra protection. People are more likely to use hand sanitiser because it’s quicker to use than washing your hands for the recommended amount of time. Between consultations you may have five minutes if you’re lucky so a four-minute hand washing routine is unrealistic. It’s recommended that you use an alcohol-based sanitiser (70% to 90%).

If you’re worried about the risk of cross infection we can come out and spray all areas of your vet clinic including examination rooms, kennel areas and the waiting area. Our disinfection services are safe and cost effective so they’re the ideal solution to control infection.

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