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Is Bacteria Costing Your Company Money?

Some people never get sick but most of us do especially at this time of year with the flu or other nasty winter bugs doing the rounds. Illnesses like this are caused by bacteria and it can be tricky to avoid because bacteria aren’t visible to the eye.

Crystal Content has been the latest company to take the Sanondaf challenge. One of our technicians visited their office in Glasgow city centre last Friday and took a swab from a couple of keyboards and phones. After we tested the swabs we sent them over the results which were pretty scary. We found traces of possible E-Coli, C-difficile, Salmonella, MRSA and VRE which you would never think you would come into contact with every day.

Crystal Content have just moved into a brand new office and there’s not a trace of dirt anywhere so they were quite taken aback by the results. Not only that but one of the team is a self-confessed clean freak and he was shocked to find that his phone was the dirtiest in the office. However, the results are pretty average. It just goes to show no matter how clean your office looks, there are germs lurking everywhere!

The office place is a breeding ground for bacteria and it costs companies millions of pounds each year as they have to cover sick pay entitlement so it’s important to do something about it. If everyone in your office is dropping like flies because they’re all coming down sick then you can prevent any further outbreak by using our disinfectant services. We would be more than happy to come out and do the Sanondaf challenge so give us a call on 01236 702028. Our product gets rid of 99.9% of hazardous viruses, bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms so you’re in safe hands with us.

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