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Make Sanondaf Part of Your Infection Control Policy

If your workplace doesn’t have an infection control policy already in place, well it should.  And, more importantly Sanondaf should be part of your infection control policy.

You never know when you might need to deal with an outbreak as a prestigious office in Glasgow city centre soon found out last week.  We were contacted by the facilities manager as they had a suspected case of Swine Flu in the building.

This left several rooms in isolation and there was obvious fear and apprehension from other people in the building.  Who could blame them?  Nobody wants to feel crummy especially with the Easter bank holiday weekend coming up.  And, from a business perspective you don’t want the domino effect to occur where all your employees get sick as this would cost your business a lot of money.

Sanondaf Glasgow responded immediately to the call out and the office was treated to a full decontamination that evening.  As a result of our fast and efficient response the facility was safe and opened for business the very next day.  Thankfully, there haven’t been any more suspected cases of Swine Flu reported.

While it’s important to have an infection control policy in place so you’re ready to handle an outbreak should one occur, you should also be taking preventative measures to stop an outbreak from happening in the first place.  Again, this is where Sanondaf comes in.  We can come out to your workplace every few months and spray the place with our disinfectant solution which kills 99.9% of all those harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and any other mico-organism.

Why wait for an emergency?  Call us today on 01236 702028.  After all, you’re better to be safe than sorry.

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