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Improve Your Hygiene for Better Grades

While sometimes teachers and students definitely have varying acceptable degree levels when it comes to school uniforms and tidiness, there is also a strong suggestion that there is a connection between students’ neatness at school and how well they academically perform and their overall grades. Students who do not take as much pride in their appearance and overall hygiene, can be viewed as a form of indiscipline by others, and this is reflected in their school performance. On the other hand, students who have brushed their teeth, showered and ironed their uniform are deemed to be academically smarter. Good health and hygiene practices go hand in hand and are especially important for children trying to learn in school.

While student hygiene is important, clean school facilities also play a key role in how well people learn. A clean school results in fewer children off due to sickness, as studies by the World Health Organisation have shown that there is a link between poor health and poor standards of hygiene, which then directly affects children’s ability to learn. This can also lead to many consequences later on as missing out on classes due to poor personal hygiene and unclean surroundings can reduce your prospects in life. Furthermore, if a school is an unhygienic place, this can lead to it becoming a negative association with children, therefore affecting their grades, stimulation and motivation to learn.

The question is, does it really matter how clean and tidy a student is looking if their surrounding environment contains harmful bacteria? Well, that’s where Sanondaf comes in! Our clients include childcare, schools, and universities, and we can most definitely help you too by killing off 99.99% of harmful bacteria in your students learning space. Give us a call on 01236 702028 today to get Sanondaf in, and, really, this is the perfect time with schools and universities out for summer!

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