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How Clean Are the Cafes in Your Local Hospitals?

There has been a lot in the news recently about the proposed junior doctor’s strike, so it’s no wonder that Sanondaf has hospital cleanliness on its mind! Most of us here in the United Kingdom would expect that in terms of food hygiene, it is our surgeries and hospitals that would be right at the top of the list for cleanliness, however, is this really the case? In Surrey, it might actually be!

The Food Standards Agency, commonly known as the FSA collect data from all food outlets including the restaurants and cafés inside our local hospitals. They collect this data after inspections by the local authority have been carried out. This involves a food safety officer checking how hygienically your food is handled, the building’s cleanliness and any systems which are in place to make sure that food is safe to eat.

In actual fact, the majority of the restaurants and cafes located within hospitals in surrey all received 5 stars, while one received 4. However, you can never be too careful when it comes to you and your loved one’s health, and that’s why Sanondaf is so popular within both the hospital and catering industries as it can make sure that there is no harmful bacteria, germs or viruses present in the facility that could harm patients.

While the hospital restaurants and cafes fared well by the FSA standards, there are many other places within the catering industry that did not. While we won’t name and shame (you can check this out for yourself on the FDA website), there are 29 food establishments in the Surrey area with a zero rating.

To be given a zero rating, this establishment in question will normally have a history of serious food problems which includes how hygienically food is prepared and cooked, its cleanliness and ventilation, and checking that food is safe for consumption.

Luckily for the Surrey area, Sanondaf is on call to help you deal with this problem. Sanondaf’s touchless disinfection services can kill 99.99% of all hazardous viruses, bacteria, fungi or any other micro-organism on surfaces that food will come into contact with, without being corrosive or harmful to any of the equipment. Give Sanondaf Surrey a call today on 01483 478239 or email [email protected].

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