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How Clean are Public Swimming Pools?

It’s the bank holiday weekend and many people will be going swimming but how clean are public swimming pools? Whether you’re going swimming to get fit or healthy or just to keep the kids entertained over the long weekend you would never in a million years even think that you could actually be risking your health. However , faecal contamination has forced public swimming pools in Glasgow to close 60 times in 4 years. 1 of the directors at our Glasgow franchise actually cancelled her membership at her local pool recently because she couldn’t stand how dirty the facilities were despite several complaints.

There are 12 public swimming pools in Glasgow and the figures below show you how often each of them has been closed in the past 4 years due to faecal contamination:

• Gorbals – 14 closures
• Springburn – 11 closures
• Castlemilk – 10 closures
• Easterhouse – 7 closures
• Whitehill – 7 closures
• Maryhill – 5 closures
• Scotstoun – 3 closures
• Bellahouston – 2 closures
• Drumchapel – 1 closure
• Tollcross – 0 closures
• Pollok – 0 closures
• North Woodside – 0 closures

The incidents can be caused by a variety of reasons such as medical conditions so they can’t really be helped. It’s how they are dealt with that matters. Faeces harbour all sorts of harmful bacteria such as E.coli so floaters in the pool could potentially be dangerous and it’s just plain gross.

According to Glasgow Life, who run all of the public swimming pools in Glasgow, the cleanliness of the pools and the health and safety of their customers is their top priority. They assure us that all the pools are thoroughly cleansed to the strictest guidelines immediately after an incident. It might only take a few hours for a pool to reopen after an incident but the times often vary.

Nobody wants to be swimming around with floaters so if there was ever a need for a regular Sanondaf treatment this is it.

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