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How Clean are Your Local Restaurants?

Local restaurants don’t always display their hygiene rating so it’s difficult to tell if you are at risk of food poisoning. When you walk into a restaurant it might seem clean with the white linen and sparkling wine glasses on the table but it’s the unseen dangers that you need to be worried about.

It was recently reported in the press that bacteria with traces of faeces was found in ice that’s served with drinks at a branch of KFC.

Shortly after this story hit the headlines, it was also reported that 17 takeaways on a street in Glasgow’s Southside completely failed their hygiene tests and other streets in Glasgow’s Southside weren’t much better which is quite frightening.

When you visit a restaurant there’s an element of trust because you can’t see what goes on behind closed doors in the kitchen but you do expect staff to follow simple hygiene procedures such as washing their hands after using the toilet. You pay good money to eat in these places so you have every right to expect clean food that’s not going to harm you.

If you want to know if your local restaurant is up to scratch then look out for a green sticker on their window or door telling you their hygiene rating. Don’t worry too much is they don’t have this displayed because their hygiene rating is available online at www.food.gov.uk.

Environmental officers carry out spot checks on restaurants and awards them a rating – the top being 5. Back in February 14,251 food outlets across the UK scored a rating of two or below. That’s not even the worst of it, 973 of these scored zero which means they need urgent improvement or risk being closed down. These dirty food outlets could probably do with using Sanondaf.

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