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Harmful Germs You’ll Find in the Gym

If you are anything like us, then you will find any excuse not to go to the gym. Let’s be real, not many of us have much motivation to go for a “winter body,” however, did you know that number of harmful germs and bacteria in your gym may be a real cause for concern and a real reason not to go?

Bad luck guys if you love building muscle with the weights at your local gym, as this is pretty much the dirtiest spot that you’ll touch! This is because the number of people touching them is extremely high and so they are rife with germs with some studies even showing MRSA on pieces of gym equipment. Did you also know that the dreaded norovirus can survive for a month on all your favourite pieces of equipment? If that sickness and diarrhoea bug doesn’t hinder your fitness goals then we don’t know what will.

Another hot spot for the breeding of harmful germs and bacteria in the gym is, unsurprisingly, the locker room. The sweat and humidity in this room make it the perfect place for bacteria to grow and multiply, putting you more at risk from catching a bug like MRSA, strep and staph!

Another place you may not have thought of is your gym bag! Germs from the gym can latch on to your gym bag every time you place it on the bench, locker, or on the floor. Some of the nasty bugs hitchhiking home on your gym bag include E.coli, salmonella, and pseudomonas which can cause eye infections.

Health and fitness should always be one of your top priorities, but the risk of nasty viruses and infections that can be caught there definitely makes the gym a prime candidate for a visit from Sanondaf. Our touch-less disinfectant products can kill 99.99% of all harmful germs in your local gym. If you need your gym Sanondaf’d, give us a call on 01236 702028, or email [email protected] for more information.

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