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Global Spread of Vomiting Bug threatens Wave of Gastrointestinal Outbreaks during Festive Period

Researchers are concerned that the norovirus outbreak – a virus that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea – that was seen throughout Asia last winter is now spreading globally.  This threatens larger outbreaks of the vomiting bug, just in time for the run-up to Christmas.

The new GII.17 strain of the norovirus that has emerged in parts of southern China presents new concerns, as this strain of the virus has the potential to spread across the globe as many people are likely to lack immunity to it.  These worrying concerns mean that the vomiting bug, which kills on average 800 people a year in the United States alone, could now potentially affect millions of people worldwide.  What’s more, both infected people and food can easily spread this highly contagious disease.

Scientist from sixteen different countries have previously warned of the noroviruses ability to rapidly spread across the globe.  This contagious infection often referred to as the ‘winter vomiting disease’, usually occurs in winter months.  Like flu, new strains of this vomiting bug emerge as the virus travels and mutates, but while flu is known to mutate quickly, new strains of the norovirus only emerge every two to four years.  This often leads to a pandemic that sends hundred of thousands of people to the hospital.

Some of the key ways to keep from getting sick this winter are centered around hygiene.  Remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and to disinfect surfaces or objects that could come become contaminated.

If you are interested in how Sanondaf can help to protect you from the threat of viral infection at home or in the workplace during this festive time of year, then give us a call today on 01236 702 028  or contact us at [email protected] for more information on how our products and services can help to prevent sickness.

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