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Food Hygiene is Top Priority When Eating Out

Food hygiene is a deal breaker for most people when eating out. According to recent research, 61% of people won’t eat anywhere that has a low Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene Rating and you can’t blame them. Poor food hygiene also puts people off going back to a restaurant even more so than rubbish service. So, even if you’ve managed to get customers in the door that doesn’t mean to say you can let standards slip.

It’s not just their hygiene rating that restaurateurs need to worry about, the impact of being involved in a food hygiene incident is catastrophic for them. 75% of people said that they wouldn’t eat at a restaurant that’s been involved in any sort of food hygiene scare even if it was recommended by friends or family. Out of that percentage 43% said that they would never eat in the restaurant no matter what – which is nearly half. 32% said that they would go back to the restaurant if it closed down and reopened under new ownership and 22% said they would only return if the hygiene rating drastically improved. Restaurateurs in this position will need deep pockets to meet hygiene standards and it will take a lot of time to rebuild trust and attract people back to your restaurant.

The bottom line is this – it doesn’t matter if you are a swanky restaurant or a local takeaway people will not put up with poor food hygiene. Hopefully, this is the wake-up call you need. It’s time to make food hygiene a top priority. Sanondaf can help you clean up your act so give us a call today on 01236 702028.

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