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Flu hotspots revealed: Map shows areas worst hit by flu virus as Aussie strain arrives in UK


A map showing the Aussie flu hotspots in the North East has been released.

Areas shown to be in the “red zone” include County Durham , Sunderland and Teesside.

The interactive UK wide map which shows the areas worst hit by flu has been issued by an online influenza surveillance system.

Updated every three minutes, the map covers all types of the bug including the deadly Aussie flu strain and shows a gradient of no reports to ‘very high’ reports.

Blue areas show the areas largely unaffected by flu right now while the red areas mean there has been a spike in cases.

The data from the FluSurvey map is used by researchers at Public Health England and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Areas in our region which show high reports of flu include: Sunderland, East Durham areas such as Seaham and Peterlee, Houghton-le-Spring, Chester-le-Street and Consett .

Public health officials have urged people who are eligible for the free flu vaccination to “get it without delay”.

Symptoms of Aussie flu are similar to those caused by normal flu, but they are more severe.

People should recover from normal flu within a week so, although the cough and fatigue may last longer.

So if you are still really ill after seven days, it is a good indication of something more serious.

Aussie flu can lead to pneumonia and other potentially fatal complications.

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