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Did You Know: Fight to Stop Drug Resistant Infections

Welcome back to the latest topic in the Sanondaf “Did You Know?” series! This week, our hot topic is the global pledge to stamp out drug-resistant infections and to tell you exactly how Sanondaf can help to combat this.

There are 193 countries within the United Nations, and there have been huge strides forwards recently as all countries will sign up to a declaration to rid the world of drug-resistant infections, or also known as “superbug virus.” This is a huge landmark as it has been 6 years in the making and this international commitment to this cause could result in the prevention of over 700,000 deaths every year.

Treatment-resistant infections are one of the largest known threats to humanity today and if we do not take urgent action, then common and simple infections could become much more deadly as existing drugs may no longer work to treat them. This problem has arisen due to the over-use of antimicrobial medicines for humans, animals and within the agriculture industry, and this repeated exposure allows these harmful bacteria to evolve and change to avoid the treatments. Therefore, new effective treatments will have to be found to combat this, otherwise routine operations such as hip replacements and Caesarean sections could become too dangerous to perform. It’s a very scary thought!

The UK has its own specific target set to reduce unsuitable prescriptions and the incidence of high-risk bacterial infection in hospitals by 50% by the year 2020. The UK also plans to cut the level of antibiotic use in the agricultural sector to 50mg/kg by the same year.

Sanondaf products can kill 99.99% of all hazardous fungi, bacteria, viruses and any other micro-organism, you can be sure that there will be no need to fear any hospital superbugs when using our products and services. Our products are used in hospitals, and with a massive 100,000 patients dying each already due to infections picked up within hospitals, Sanondaf is clearly important to this industry as our product is proven to eliminate various bacteria where traditional hospital cleaning services cannot.

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