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Facts about Handwashing

If you thought everyone washes their hands after going to the toilet you couldn’t be more wrong! We’ve listed six handwashing myths below that will utterly shock you:

• Washroom Hygiene carried out a survey of 100,000 people and found that 62% of men don’t wash their hands and 40% of women don’t either.
• WIN/Gallup International conducted a survey across 64 countries from around the world and it was found that people in China are less likely to wash their hands with soap and water compared to other countries surveyed with only 23 per cent of them saying that they do and people from Greece are the cleanest with 85% of respondents saying that they wash their hands with soap and water.
• Faeces is a source of germs like Salmonella, E.coli and norovirus and can get onto hands after people use the toilet.
• Every time you flush the toilet with the lid up a fine mist containing bacteria covers an area of 6 square meters.
• Only 20% of people dry their hands after washing and damp hands are a thousand more times likely to spread bacteria than dry hands.
• Most bacteria on our hands is found on the fingertips and under the nails and most people only wash the palms of their hands after using the toilet.

Handwashing removes germs from hands so it’s important that you get into the routine of thoroughly washing your hands every time you go to the toilet. If our blog has put the fear into you and you’re extra cautious then a good idea would be to use our Sanochem product that contains the disinfectant Sanosil. With less germs to worry about there’s less chance of you being stuck in your bed this winter!

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