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Did you Know – Wet Wipes

Wet wipes come in many different fragrances and sizes for your convenience and they’re widely recognised as the best way to quickly wipe down a surface to keep it clean. Their mini packets mean that you can take them out and about to cleanse anything you may come into contact with, perfect for the bacteria conscious individual. But are these little wipes really as effective as they claim to be or are they just making the situation worse?

A recent study has shown that these wipes don’t always do what you think they are, instead of killing off germs they could be contributing to the spreading of bacteria in your home. In all instances of the wipes tested they were not strong enough to kill the C. Diff or MRSA bug and actually increased the risk of infection by contaminating previously clean areas.

If you use these wipes in your bathroom this study says you’re potentially moving harmful bacteria to prime places for people to touch. Once the bacteria is interacted with it will go on to spread to other places, so if you’re worried about it coming with you from other people’s homes be sure to use hand sanitiser that’s at least 60% alcohol to eradicate the germs.

A retraining of hospital staff is suggested by this study to ensure that they use detergent wipes on one surface only and then bin them. This is good advice for home use too, so if you want to make a something germ free use a strong disinfectant wipe then immediately throw it away.

A lot of areas in the home can’t be wiped down, such as electronics or hard to reach places, for help reducing the amount of bacteria in your home contact us to see what we can do for you.

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