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Did you Know What Microbes in your Home say about you?

Microbes in your home tell us a lot about you, did you know that? There has been a brand new study that tells us that the bacteria that is found on your doors, can actually tell us how many men or women live in your house and the kind of pets that you may have. The vision is that this could aid scientists with their crime-solving!

To get some results for this study, there were 1,200 homes that were tested. They had the dust swabbed in both the external and internal doorframe in the main living space area. They did this in the part of the doors that would be described as hard to reach and normally somewhere that wouldn’t be disturbed. The participants also had to divulge information such as how many people in the home were smokers or vegetarians, and then they analysed the genetic data to find out what the main forms of bacteria are.

The results of the fungi that was found in the outside of the homes is pretty similar as to what was found on the inside but the bacteria was different. They found that the kind of bacteria found was linked to on the number of male or female residents and pet type. There were also traces of human faeces as well as vaginal bacteria and genera from the skin. Skin bacteria was generally found in homes of males more than female, and they were also pretty accurate in deciphering the difference between homes that had cats or dogs (92% accurate with cats and 83% with dogs). This could be ground-breaking for forensic scientists.



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