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Did you Know that the MRSA Epidemic Fuels Antibiotic Resistance?

MRSA (or to give it its proper name Methicillin-Resistant Staphyloccocus Aureus) according to Jeanine Thomas who is the founder of the MRSA Survivors Network, unfortunately is all over US healthcare facilities, in public places in the community, in livestock and in the environment in general.

She is looking to launch an aggressive approach to ensure that the risk of MRSA in health care facilities is reduced.  This includes making sure that hand hygiene policies are followed, having patients who are high risk screened as well as isolating them, ensuing that the environment is completely decontaminated and creating an antibiotic stewardship programme that is implemented all countries to do this.

She has highlighted that this global issue and that the MRSA epidemic is fuelling antibiotic resistance everywhere.  This is becoming increasingly problematic with over 50% of all skin infections caused by this and the surveillance of these types of MRSA incomplete.  People who live near animal feeding operations are also high at risk to MRSA infections due to the manure that tends to run off the streams and lakes that is used as fertiliser.  This creates a major health risk as it can actually be found in supermarkets in their store meat and chicken not only in the US but the UK too.

In order to combat these issues Sanondaf could be just what the Doctor ordered.  Our touch-less disinfection services will kill 99.99% of any and all viruses, bacteria, fungi along with any other micro-organism to this would reduce health risks.  If you would like any further info on how we can be of assistance, please contact us.

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