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Did you Know – Norovirus Symptoms

Norovirus, or the Winter Vomiting Bug as it’s sometimes known, is a disease that’s unpleasant to say the least. Infections of this virus peak in the winter but people can become infected at any time of year.

The amount of time to recover from Norovirus varies greatly from person to person and it can prove deadly to those with an already compromised immune system. Between half a million and a million people in the UK are infected with this disease each year and it costs the government and employers even more to provide for those on sick leave.

Norovirus symptoms will appear after infection but those carrying the virus can pass it on before these symptoms begin to show. The correct way to prevent infection of this is to use antibacterial gels wherever possible and disinfectant on shared surfaces.

This disease takes its toll on even the healthiest bodies so you’ll want to avoid this wherever possible and employers can take steps to prevent this disease from decimating their ranks. Using a powerful disinfectant around the office can make a huge difference to the amount of infections in a set time period.

The Winter Flu is not something that you want to catch, as symptoms start with a cough and aches only to escalate to vomiting and diarrhoea. These nasty symptoms can cause fatigue and extreme weight loss during the infection period and those that come into contact with carriers are very likely to become ill themselves. This disease is easily passed from person to person and can live on surfaces for hours, multiplying until they come into contact with another living host. If you think you might be carrying the disease then stay away from vulnerable people, such as the elderly and pregnant, until the symptoms become alleviated.

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