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Did you Know – MERS

We know that your health is your utmost concern and with a potential new Middle East Respiratory Syndrome outbreak here in the UK it’s more important than ever to protect yourself.

MERS is potentially fatal and was first discovered in 2012, since then healthcare professionals have become more and more concerned about the disease. The previous four cases in the UK have had a 75% fatality rate so this disease is something to try and protect against.

Recently two patients in the A & E unit of a Manchester hospital have been tested after they exhibited symptoms of the deadly disease. The hospital was then closed while staff waited expectantly for the results of the tests.

A member of the NHS Trust stated that the patients did not pose a threat to public health though they have since been isolated and relocated to another hospital in the area. A representative of the hospital stated that these measures were precautionary and the patients were receiving treatment while isolated.

These measures are part of infection control within the organisation so the case for closing the hospital must have been a strong one. The virus can spread through contact with others so those who come into contact with lots of people daily are the most at risk. The danger in this situation would be that the disease would spread to healthcare providers and then out into the general population where it would be uncontained.

At Sanondaf we believe that prevention is better than a cure, so if you want to protect yourself from viruses then we can help. If you think that you could benefit from a complete home or workplace disinfectant then don’t hesitate to get in touch, it could help you stay much healthier for longer.

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