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Did You Know – Germs on Smartphones and Keyboards

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’re touching a smartphone or computer keyboard, but what are you really exposing yourself to when you do?

To start with your phone could be the one in six smartphones that contains some traces of faecal matter on it, especially if you use it in the bathroom. If you don’t wash your hands correctly then you’ll be prone to passing those germs on to the items you touch most.

Busy workers and usually eat lunch at their desk but consider how much food lodges itself in between those keys. This makes your computer keyboard a breeding ground for bacteria and it could have much more bacteria than the average toilet seat. You wouldn’t eat food after touching a toilet seat before washing your hands but you may be transferring bacteria as you type.

It’s understandable that as busier people we tend to eat over our computers and check our phones wherever possible but you could be exposing yourself to some dangerous bacteria. In a recent study, researchers found that an iPad had 600 units of the bacteria that causes food poisoning and this could be very easily transferred from this device to your body. If you use communal devices in work the absence of a proper hand washing could mean that these devices are covered in bacteria from your co-workers.

To give bacteria the boot contact us to receive the top touchless cleaning system out there, which eradicates bacteria on the most awkward surfaces. Your computer keyboard won’t need to be replaced as our service effectively kills any micro-organisms to leave it germ free. Employers should take note of these bacteria as it could be costing you valuable sick days as your workers take absences due to food poisoning and flu bugs.

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