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How Can Sanondaf Help Your Employees?

If you paid close attention to the Sanondaf TV Ad, you will have noticed that there is an awful lot of nasty germs and bacteria sitting in your office and workplace. We also covered this a little last week with the revelation of how many of your co-workers wash their hands after using the bathroom. You’ll be surprised by the results!

We’re now entering into the colder months, and we all know too well that this is the season when we are most likely to be off ill with the cold, flu and other nasty viruses such as the noro which has recently been spreading through a number of public places like restaurants, hotels, and football clubs. This is the best time of year to now give Sanondaf a call, as you probably don’t actually realise how unclean your workplace is and really it only takes one person to bring a bug into work before the whole office becomes infected.

Sanondaf is always here to help, and you can receive a free swab test that a member of your team can carry out very easily. These swab tests are then cultured in an incubator and the results will then be sent back to you in the form of a report. Not only that, Sanondaf are also providing all UK businesses with free hand washing and infection control posters and booklet that are sure to act as a good reminder on how to keep yourself germ-free this winter in the office.

Some other handy tips and trick that you can implement in your office are not eating at your desk, not using other people’s phones, avoiding meetings where you know people are sick, avoid coming into work when you are ill, and, of course, avoid using cheap or untrained cleaners!

Time is money, and Sanondaf can definitely keep your employees happy and germ-free while working away in the office. Our products kill 99.99% of all hazardous bacteria, bacteria, fungi or any other micro-organism that could be lurking in your office just waiting to strike.

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