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British Restaurant Chain Hit with Norovirus

If you have ever been hit with the norovirus then you will know it’s no laughing matter and unfortunately for hundreds of customers of the Wahaca restaurant chain, they are experiencing the consequences of this horrible virus!

Over 300 people have fallen ill after dining out at the restaurant chain, Wahaca, and it is suspected that the cause of this illness is a norovirus outbreak. Why has this case been so extreme? Well, it’s not just one restaurant that has been infected but an incredible 9! The Mexican restaurant chain initially closed 9 of its restaurants, but 4 remain shut as Public Health England launch an inquiry into how hundreds of staff and customers fell ill.

At this present moment, there are 205 staff members who have been struck with this virus after experiencing norovirus symptoms, and a further 160 members of the public. The restaurant has yet to do much damage control as they have simply issued a statement saying that it is an “unprecedented incident” and that they themselves got in touch with the PSE and Environmental Health Officers. The source of the outbreak has yet to be determined, however, the backlash and negative connotations will now stick with the brand that is founded by 2005 Master Chef winner Thomasina Miers and could have devastating consequences for its future.

Not only do you risk your customer’s health if you do not properly disinfect your restaurant, but you also endanger your own brand’s reputation which can have a direct and serious effect on your profits. Just ask American restaurant chain Chipotle who faced similar backlash this time last year and are still feeling a loss of profits as a result!

Sanondaf offers a touchless disinfection service that can eliminate 99.99% of all viruses, germs and harmful bacteria, and it is also safe to use in the catering industry. Have your kitchen Sanondaf’d today by giving us a call on 01236 702 028 or email [email protected] for more information on our products and services.

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