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Behind The Scenes of the Sanondaf TV Ad

Did you catch our TV Ad’s running throughout August? You really missed out if you didn’t! The brand new Sanondaf advert details all the reasons why you need our touchless disinfection service in your home, workplace, and public areas, and just a few names of the 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses that our product kills.

We wanted to make the ad a true representation of the services we offer and keep it within the family. That’s why we had many of our franchisees take part in the ad, so you never know, if you book our service you may recognise the familiar face that comes to your door, such as Claudia who is the Director at Sanondaf Watford and one of our TV ad participants.

However, the real stars of the show are all the Sanondaf franchisee employee’s children. Combine 6 small children and a play area full of toys and you can imagine the chaos trying to film this part of the ad! But we wouldn’t have had it any other way, of course…

We know that many of you have already seen our Ad, as just in Glasgow alone last week we headed out to touchless disinfect 4 nurseries, and we’ve been inundated with calls up and down the country for more information and bookings of our services from nurseries and schools, to office environments and catering services.

If you missed our Ad, keep an eye out on our website, Youtube, Facebook and other social media pages to catch it again. We’re also going to start up a Break It Down series where we will, you guessed it, break down the TV Ad for you and go into a little more detail as to why you should be using Sanondaf.

Want to know more about Sanondaf and how we can help you? Give us a call today on 01236 702028, or email [email protected] for more details on the services we provide.

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