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Are beards bad for your health?

It has been claimed that beards are riddled with bacteria and spread infections but contrary to popular belief beards are not bad for your health. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. A while ago it was reported in mainstream media that beards contain more poo than a toilet. Sounds gross right? Well, if you have a beard you don’t need to worry because there’s more crap in these stories than there is in beards.

This chat of poo on beards has stemmed from the results of a study carried out in New Mexico but the downfall of this research is that it was carried out on a limited sample of men. A more recent study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection found that clean shaven staff carried more harmful bacteria than their bearded counterparts. This is good news for all you hipsters – you don’t need to shave off your beard just yet.

According to the results, clean-shaven staff are three times more likely to carry harmful bacteria such as MRSA than those with beards. It’s suspected that this is down to mircoabrasions that are caused when you clean shave day after day which make it easier for bacterial colonies to grow and spread.

We’re not saying that there are no bacteria on beards however it’s not quite as bad as what we believed. What’s, even more, interesting is that beard bacteria might actually be good for your health. As strange as it sounds another study suggests that bacteria on beards might be able to fight off infection. With the current stock of antibiotics becoming ineffective this is great news.

While we’re waiting for further research on a potential new antibiotic you should make sure that you take all necessary steps to keep you and your family safe. Bacteria are the invisible enemy that’s all around us – don’t let it win the fight.

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