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Are you Infectious Before Flu Symptoms Start to Show?

As the colder weather draws in we’re right at the start of flu season, and things will only get worse from here. The bacteria is all around us and it’s up to us to minimise our contact with those who have it.

Sounds easy, right? But those who are carrying the virus that causes the flu might not show symptoms themselves. It can take up to a day for the flu symptoms to reveal themselves, and during that time the infected person will be passing on these germs through contact.

When the first signs start to show the infection pattern ramps up, as sneezing and coughing will distribute the virus. At this point these germs will be able to survive on a hard surface for yet another day, with plenty more unsuspecting people coming into contact with them. Even the tissue that a person has used will stay infectious for fifteen minutes, so avoid these at all costs

After the infected individual has been ill for one week the infectiousness passes, but this can vary from person to person. There’s no way to tell once the virus can no longer be transmitted, so if you don’t want to get ill then avoid contact until more than a week has passed.

Office workers have an increased risk of becoming ill as they come into contact with communal surfaces infected within the last day. These germs exist on surfaces until they die off but with toilet handles, doors and desks covered there’s little wonder that there is a higher rate of infection in this environment.

To cut down on your risk of catching this deadly disease use hand sanitiser when coming into contact with shared surfaces and take the Sanondaf Challenge to see what’s lurking on your desk.


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