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Are you changing your toothbrush often enough?

Seemingly innocent everyday staples such as toothbrushes, pyjamas and bedding harbour harmful germs and bacteria so you should be changing them regularly to avoid illness.

The thing that you probably don’t want to hear is that the average toothbrush contains around 10 million germs so you should change your toothbrush every three months or after illness – and sharing toothbrushes is a big no no. You also need to look after your toothbrush. You should clean it regularly and preferably store it in a closed cabinet but if you keep it out make sure you keep it as far away from the loo as possible.

Another gross fact is that the average 18 to 30 year old woman wears the same pyjamas for 17 nights while young men will go 13 nights before they put them in the wash. Our pyjamas get covered in skin cells that are filled with tiny micro-organisms which are usually harmless but if they get into the wrong place they can cause serious issues so make sure you change your pyjamas every two nights.

Bedding is also a ticking bacteria time bomb. Did you know that you shed half an ounce of skin each week and most of that will be on your bed? On top of that, your bed is a breeding ground for dust mites and the average bed contains 10 million of them. A third of us only change our bedding once a fortnight but they you should be washing them once a week at 60C.

A Dettol study found that 9 out of 10 dishcloths in the UK are heavily contaminated with bacteria. The average dishcloth contains four billion germs and contains six times as much bacteria as toilet handles which is why it’s earned its name as the bug superhighway of the kitchen. You should wash the every couple of days at 60C and replace them once a month.

If you’re still worried about the spread of germs and bacteria in your home then you should use our disinfectant services.

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