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All about Hand Hygiene

We all see pictures above sinks reminding us to wash our hands thoroughly and we think that everyone must do that anyway. But the disturbing facts show that some don’t wash properly and others don’t wash at all.

Those who work in small offices will bear the brunt of this the most, as their co-workers spread bacteria and unmentionable matter all over the door handles, desks and shared equipment.

To find out the real facts and figures on this dirty little secret Initial Washroom Hygiene took it upon themselves to conduct some research. Of the 100,000 people examined it was found that 62% of men don’t wash their hands and 40% of women don’t either, and that’s just the ones who’ll admit to it!

The 200 million bacteria per square inch of skin that’s found after toilet use will then go on to be shared with all others coming into contact with the same surfaces. These will then multiply and grow if left unchecked until they cause an illness or are wiped out by some strong sanitation fluid.

For these office workers this means an increased rate of sickness, which puts both them and their boss at a disadvantage. These workers will come into contact with an estimated 10 million bacteria every day, which can lead to sick days.

The proper handwashing techniques should be observed by all those who don’t want to carry, transmit or be infected by bacteria. This includes a thorough scrub of all of the areas on the hands that we tend to forget about; under the nails, between the fingers and all the way up to the wrist.

This won’t get rid of the bacteria already lurking in the office though, so give us a call to evict these multiplying organisms.

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