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5 tips to reduce the spread of infection in your nursery

Children who attend nurseries are usually more susceptible to infection so it’s important that you do your best to reduce the spread of infection in your nursery so here are 5 tips:

1. Provide appropriate facilities

It’s important that you have appropriate facilities for the child. The toilet area should have a bright and friendly atmosphere. You should also ensure that there are child sized toilet pans to make it easy for them to use the toilet and that there’s toilet paper in their reach from the pan. The sink should also be at a good height for them to use with taps that they’ll be able to operate.

2. Provide liquid soap

In communal toilets, it’s better to have liquid soap than a bar of soap because a bar of soap can easily become contaminated with bacteria. Again, you need to ensure that it’s in reach of children.

3. Provide disposable paper towels

Disposable paper towels are the best way for children to dry their hands. When cloth towels are being used by loads of different people they can spread infection and hand dryers often don’t fully dry the hands and leaves them damp which encourages bacterial growth.

4. Educate children about toilet hygiene

It’s important that you educate children about toilet hygiene because if they know why they should wash their hands they’re more likely to do it properly. It might be a good idea to have posters in the toilets to remind them to wash their hands and show them how to do it properly. If it’s possible, staff should also supervise the children when they’re washing their hands.

5. Establish an effective cleaning routine

It’s important that you establish and effective cleaning routine and ensure that it’s maintained. On top of cleaning, you should also regularly disinfect the toilet area. Our disinfectant services are great value for money and they return the treated area to 99.99% germ-free so give us a call today on 01236 702028.

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