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5 Second Rule under the Microscope

We’ve all heard of 5 second rule and some of you will probably even follow it. The 5 second rule is when you accidently drop food on the floor and you pick it up straight away and give it a wipe and it’s okay to eat. The 5 second rule has always been dismissed by the NHS and recent research stands by this as it revealed that this practice is unhygienic which means you’re putting yourself at risk. The reason why is that bacteria sticks to food pretty much straight away so you could be ingesting bugs such as E. coli and Salmonella so the 5 second rule makes no difference. So, if you drop food on the floor make sure you put it in the bin!

The research was carried out by the cleaning technology firm Kärcher and they found that most of us eat food off the floor. That’s quite a staggering figure. According to the research, 37% of us would eat food off the kitchen floor and 38% of us would eat food that we’ve dropped on the living room floor while 38% of us admit to eating food that has fallen from our plates.

The hygienist Dr Lisa Ackerley has stated that the ‘silent killers’ in our homes can quickly multiply from just a single bacterium to millions. This is why it’s important to regularly clean our homes instead of just one big spring clean or whenever we visibly see dirt. You can’t see or smell bacteria and viruses so you won’t be able to tell if they are there. That is unless you call out Sanondaf – we can do a test to show you what bacteria and viruses are lurking about your home and then if you want we can come back and spray the place with our product which will return your home to 0.01% germ free.

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